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Croc1819 does not just want to offer you regular hardware tool products, but we offer you a suite of solutions, education, and customer care focus all-year round to ensure that your do-it-yourself (DIY) requirements, or your business needs are well taken care of.

Whether you are looking to do a complete transformation of your garden to the types of crop care products/solutions that you need, or you are simply looking for that particular tool that will solve a DIY issue, come to Croc1819, we offer to you our dedicated expertise in making sure that your tooling needs are well taken care no matter the time of the day is, and best of all, you can talk to us all-year round either in person, through a 24-hour dedicated messaging AI-powered chatbot, or through our social media channels where you can pose your question,our hardware expert will directly liaise with you.

Why wait? Go check out our new website for all your hardware needs.

Our Product Ranges including hoes, machetes, sickles embossed with the unique Croc1819 logo. Crafted using the best quality materials, along with the use latest technologies available used in manufacturing Croc1819 tools, we provide the top service and materials quality assurance for all your tooling needs.

Heading out on a camping trip, why not considering carrying some Croc1819 tools with you that help clear the trails as you navigate through the forests, or to simply use them as a handy tool you may use in case of emergencies.