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About Croc 1819

If you are looking for a one-stop centre for all your hardware tooling needs, then look no further than to visit our homegrown firm, Croc1819 as being that number one tools solutions provider that offers you value-for-money, safe, reliable and readily available service that cater to whichever requirements you need.

Croc1819 bears the hallmarks of Singapore’s early founding years since our iconic founder of Singapore, Sir Stamford Raffes, whose entourage first stepped into the shores of the then small fishing village on 28s January 1819. Originally started out as an agricultural tools unit, Croc1819 has since grown to be a brand that symbolises the achievements and the journeys taken since Singapore’s early founding years, to become a highly respected all-rounded homegrown hardware tools equipment firm.

Similar to the faith and beliefs that our founding fathers have in rallying up Singaporeans to rise up to the top, Croc1819 wants to earn your trust in our brand, and to build up quality focused hardware tools that aim to provide you through the continuous delivery of faith and confidence you have in us.

Croc1819 continues and will want to be part of your daily lives, complementing the everyday tasks you do, to solve your tooling hardware issues through the application of simpler, safer, better, and long-lasting solutions just like what Singapore has set out to achieve for the past 200 years since its founding.